Cōlson Gallery is delighted to announce our first call for entries! The theme for the exhibition is: “The All-Too-Human Condition

By submitting, you are agreeing to be included in a Cōlson Gallery exhibition. Acceptance is solely and completely at Cōlson Gallery’s discretion. Entrants agree that prints of all images selected for exhibition will be offered for sale to the public. 60% of such proceeds will be sent to the photographer. The Gallery will retain 40% of such sales. The total “retail” selling price of any image will be determined by the photographer (but we suggest that a print should be available at under $300).

A maximum of ten (10) images may be submitted. Photographers submitting images must have all rights and permissions for said images, including necessary releases, as required by law.

Those accepted for exhibition will be required to provide an exhibition-quality framed print or a full resolution TIFF. Printing by Cōlson Gallery and framing by Cōlson Gallery will be at additional cost.

Entrants agree that they have read and agreed to the full terms and conditions presented in the Cōlson Gallery Guidelines of Submission available as a PDF by emailing to rick@colsongallery.com and requesting a copy!

What types of files are accepted for entry? (A print will be required for exhibition.)
JPEGs with a maximum of 1,000 pixels in any dimension.

How will I find out if my photo is selected?
Entrants whose photos are selected for exhibition will be notified (by e-mail).

Do photographs that I submit have to be my own original work?
Yes, and free from third-party copyright restrictions.

Submissions closed January 2nd 2017

The All-Too-Human Condition

Grand Opening Friday, February 17 from 6:00 - 8:00PM (Weather date February 18th 6:00-8:00PM)

In the spirit of Family of Man this show will be a deep exploration of human themes: pathos, empathy, joy, shame, glory and failure. It features uplifting images and portrayals of the downtrodden.  I have never been more proud to present anything before. 50 images from 20 talented photographers worldwide.

A small sample of submissions, a "preview" follows. All images are copyright by their respective photographers and may not be reproduced in any form: