Secrets in Plain Sight

We all have secrets. Some of us live comfortably with them, some laugh, while others find pain in what they choose not to disclose. Regardless, secrets often have a will of their own. They long to burst forth like sprouts or, according to the fearful, to explode like grenades. Their power, however, lies within each of us. It only exists if we grant it. Without being enabled, a secret is no more powerful than the slightest breeze, the first hint of daylight or the whisper of a tiny child.


Secrets In Plain Sight is a limited edition portfolio of images photographed, written and printed by photographer and master image printer, Rick Colson. All prints are individually printed  on 100% cotton papers made from post-industrial reclaimed cotton fibers from cottonseed oil manufacturers. Paper for these prints is locally sourced to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transport. The aqueous carbon-pigment inks used are VOC-free and far healthier than typical inks. All images are museum quality, archival, elemental chlorine free, acid free, VOC-free and totally tree-free.

The images in Secrets In Plain Sight will be limited to an edition of three complete, boxed portfolio sets, plus single images (at either 13x19 or 20x30 inches at the buyers discretion), which will be limited to a combined total of 25 prints each including museum, gallery and sale prints and boxed sets. One complete set of artist proofs will be maintained on premises and may be reprinted for display purposes only. These display proofs will not be offered for sale. Images for sale will be individually signed and numbered. All prints will include a Certificate of Authenticity including print number and all sales will be logged.

The three complete box sets are available at the following prices:

Box Set 1 13x19 $2,500.00 USD or 20x30 $5,000.00
Box Set 2 13x19 $3,500.00 USD or 20x30 $7,500.00
Box Set 3 13x19 $5,000.00 USD or 20x30 $10,000.00

Individual numbered prints (starting at #4 of 25 - total of each regardless of size) at the following prices:

Overall size including border @13x19 inches:

Prints edition number 1-5 @        $200
Prints edition number 6-10 @        $300
Prints edition number 11-25 @        $450

Overall size including border @ 20x30 inches:

Prints edition number 1-5 @        $300
Prints edition number 6-10 @        $450
Prints edition number 11-25 @        $600

All images © Rick Colson 2012