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NOVEMBER 2016 and continuing...

Printing Your Own Large Image Reproductions

for artists and photographers made possible by Canon USA

• Printing is fast becoming a "lost art" in these digital days!
• Is large format equipment and maintenance out of your reach?
• Is image capture for your art a problem?
• Is it too big a learning curve and expense to do fine art photographic printing?
• Stymied by accurate, neutral B&W and color-correct image printing?

Now you can learn to do it all at a Cōlson Gallery Workshop.
Learn using our workstation and state-of-the-art large-format Canon printer featuring safe, odor and VOC-free water-based inks. Make your own professional quality, archival prints exclusively on Canon media.

We provide instruction on digital capture; lighting artwork for reproduction; color management; Photoshop; printer driver settings; scanning negatives, transparencies and prints; and digital camera operation for the best results.
Our workstation and printers are available for rental including materials at a significant discount, for those who have completed this workshop. Make prints when you want, at a reduced cost, using the finest quality equipment and materials.

Made possible by Canon USA, the workshop at Cōlson Gallery is small - limited to six students to maximize personal one-on-one interaction. We will meet once a week for four consecutive Tuesday evenings beginning on November 1st from 7:00 - 9:00PM. (A 2-day weekend intensive is also available by special arrangement for those who are not local.) Registration must be completed by October 21, 2016. Thanks to Canon USA, the entire four week program costs only $325 per person including materials. (Scholarships may be available – please inquire.) If you’re an artist or photographer who needs archival, large prints this program can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually, giving you full control over your own reproductions.

Register by calling Rick Colson at 617-413-5343 or email today.

Printing Your Own

Large Image Reproductions


Color Management

Studio Imaging

Incorporating Writing

Into Your Images

Darkroom Toxicity,

Safety and Health

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