Cōlson Gallery and The Griffin Museum at Cōlson Gallery  are the Pioneer Valley’s only dedicated photography artspace.

A not-for-profit corporation, our mission is to educate and inspire communities as a source of contemporary photographic art and information – featuring artists who are known and unknown. We especially appreciate affordable work that serves the public good.

Located in a 2nd floor loft space in the Eastworks complex, the gallery has an educational mission as well as bringing the best black-and-white and color photography to the region.

In addition to exhibitions, Cōlson Gallery plans to offer programs, through workshops and individual instruction, on such subjects as Printing Your Own Large Image Reproductions; Photoshop; Color Management; Studio Imaging; Incorporating Writing Into Your Images; and Darkroom Toxicity, Safety and Health, among others.

For more information please contact Rick Colson at Cōlson Gallery, Eastworks Ste 246, 116 Pleasant Street, Easthampton, MA 01027, call 844-457-8585 or email rick@colsongallery.com.

(Please note: At present, we do not accept mail at the gallery. Please send mail to Cōlson Gallery, c/o 15 Laurel Street, Northampton, MA 01060)